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Um, so I just became aware that this community exists and stuff.
I'm the "mod" or whatever. Basically I have the most nuclear jello, and you don't. So I was thinking I'd do something to do with the community, and all I could come up with was a lame entry.

Things to say... Well, there are actually members. This was shocking, in a good way I guess.

Ummm... (lamest entry ever, I know, but forgive me, I don't post often)
Anyway, I'm off to make more jello, which may floresce, if I'm lucky (or horribly unlucky if you really think about it in a pessimistic manner). And instead of studying for exams, I'll continue to plot.
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Hmm, well, I completely forgot about this place for a while. I don't know if I really have anything to say. I've been reading Catch-22 again lately, and that's given me a few new ideas as to how exactly I want to go about destryoing the old-world order and creating a new one.

Well, that's about it.
I still do enjoy cacti.
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So yeah. Hi. I'm new.

Want to know why Bush is gay? Well, evidently you people are in Canada, but I live in the US. Poor me, I know. Bush is gay because he doesn't want gays to marry. Which means he's a closet gay, and doesn't want to admit to his true feelings. It's also how he won the election; after the Monica Lewinsky thing they couldn't trust a straight president.

Jello is fun to poke. It just bounces right off. o_____O

Randomness is good.

Mmm Nuclear Jello...

Oh look, it's a livejournal community.
Uh, hello.
Have any of you ever had dreams to conquer the world using jello and a few well placed nukes? No? Oh... well I guess we're the only ones.
So this community is pretty much for people with some odd ideas as to how to take over either the world, a country, their city, or even just the six cubic feet within which they live.

Have fun.
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