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World Domination via Nuclear Jello

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Ever had dreams of world domination via Jello and a few well-placed nukes? Yes? No?
Well, either way, I guess it doesn't matter.

Basically this is a community where you can say all the crazy/weird/controversial things you want. You can express your views, serious or not, in a written form. So long as you don't a) use all capital letters, all the time, b) flame people with a malicious intent, c) act like a complete ass, d) go too far with the controversial. So, anything that'll get a lawsuit going, try to... keep that inside.

Eventually, if/when there are more members, some form of heirarchy will be set up (as in you could conceivably earn some form of position), and you'll get some recognition for it. Somehow, don't ask yet. I'm busy with my Nuclear Jello.

Now go, be free, but please, for God's sake don't multiply.